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So strange but True

Once I visited two places in one day… I want to say about this visit…  Both are nice places… One is temple; the second is an old age home… But suddenly I compared both and I seen great differences… which have changed my thinking flow about temples, god and also faith and religious…

Rich Temples
Old Age Homes

I am always being surprised by seeing the human reflections… Because one place has… so big, clean, neat and full of superb facilities and ground full of people…That was famous temple; the other has… calm, old, much small rooms, so less facilities and small ground with aloneness… That was old age home… first was created for God, visitors and for worshippers of god…the other was created for old age people who are left from their young ones… So strange but true… My question is… ” Who wants facilities…?” God who just believed or Old people who lived in old age home… That was being really touchy day for me… Because the society is really being poor for human life… and they called that they are theistic…Comparisons of these two places I cant say any thing about trust of god… But these, temple worshippers got wide place and latest, decorative house for live and they say we are saints… In fact these all are should be provided in old age home… because they should need it more… After that day I really hate these all saints because they can never give new direction to human life… on the contrary they are being human life weak… No any religious, god and holy book are saying build wide temples or spread religion… But what is reality…? India is full of temples… because the flow of superstitions… Temples are got best facilities and being business and on the other hand poverty is not under control… That’s our bad luck…!!!Nation wants the great evolution of thinking… what is faith..? Education of that… what is duty of civil citizens..? Condition of our Country… weakness of our people and many things which are still not improved…

In short Awake INDIA awake (‘’ jago INDIA jago…”) otherwise dearness is never defeated… Think about this.


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