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Take a journey with me,combine visions and sights,embrace all that we see,with surprise and delight. Watch a unique snow flake,trickle down from the sky,as friends form frosty lakes,in exquisite designs. Observe a grain of sand,under a microscope,sprinkle some on your hand,witness magic and hope. Gaze at a moth orchid,stare up close, eye to eye,her glare […]


Go to passion from depression

Do you know ? your mind is being live volcano of thoughts, when you are in depression. there are Lots of reasons to get into depression. you dont know that you are going through a critical situation which can take your life in some cases. So please time to time ask your mind, “Is it ok?”

You must discuss with anyone that small matter which bothered you. Don’t be quit. Speak up, you have to discuss with anyone who is very near. But most of the time people can’t speak hurting matter. If you can’t bear pressure of thoughts, then writing all negative reveal thoughts on paper. This is one type of communication which reveal yourself and negative thoughts is flowing out by your mind. After that, you feel that your half of pressure is being release by doing that. There, is some space in your mind to think positive. Now once again take pen and paper, write positive thoughts. It is your new birth, don’t spoil this chance, spend time in your hobby, spend time with your parents. Try to make yourself happy. You can do it. All others can just help you. But you must do it for yourself. If this is not helping you, and you need medical help. Then don’t wait, please consult any psychologist or psychiatrist. Though in this matter doctors, medicine all are being optional if you cure yourself and your thinking.

Smile and love yourself. Last, but not the least thing, go to your passion from your depression.