A series of pictures that probably will never leave our mind.The lines that will echo in our head for a long time.This pandemic was worse than just a viral infection for India.हमारे दिल से , आपके दिल तक, उन हज़ारों दिलों के लिए जो शायद हम सब ने तोड़े हैं । #Pravaasi #CovidIndia — … Continue reading “IN INDIA..”

lets go with flow…..

When you read this quotes, what do you feel ? I know its not easy to describe how you feel! Social media gives you this opportunity. In fact you don’t know you are going with flow. It means lots of things day by day changed in your life and you don’t aware of it. That’s why i title … Continue reading “lets go with flow…..”

So strange but True

Once I visited two places in one day… I want to say about this visit…  Both are nice places… One is temple; the second is an old age home… But suddenly I compared both and I seen great differences… which have changed my thinking flow about temples, god and also faith and religious… I am … Continue reading “So strange but True”

Were we are?

I am thinking about Corona.. what you are? Some people don’t afraid of you. they still going out side.. and sell some things for us.. on the road they know .. they have to fight with police ..they have to fight with corona.. but still they are going.. Dont you think…they are mad.. or crazy.. … Continue reading “Were we are?”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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