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Were we are?

I am thinking about Corona.. what you are? Some people don’t afraid of you. they still going out side.. and sell some things for us.. on the road they know .. they have to fight with police ..they have to fight with corona.. but still they are going.. Dont you think…they are mad.. or crazy.. !!

No. My dear.. we are safe in our homes because we are lucky. We have homes, groceries which we need, three time we eat different meals, we have fan over our head and AC, we have mobile and TV, much more games and ideas for spending time. Think what they have? 

We are thinking if they don’t save enough money for a month , then what they save in this difficult time. But they have to survive all days. If they have money for today, they will not have money for tomorrow. We think corona will kill him, but they think if we will not go out side for money, hunger will be killed us..

Its true because of them this virus spread more still… said a word about vendors, think ;what u have and for what they have fight.. !!!


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