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lets go with flow…..

When you read this quotes, what do you feel ? I know its not easy to describe how you feel! Social media gives you this opportunity. In fact you don’t know you are going with flow. It means lots of things day by day changed in your life and you don’t aware of it. That’s why i title this article “Lets go with flow”.

This lock down give you lots of time to use social media. Here if I say to over use social media then its not a mistake. I seen some people fade off to use mobile because its mind bubbling use of mobile. In the morning,in the evening, and at night also. Its not necessary to write what they are doing with mobile. My point is  all are together but alone with mobile in home. This is not happened just this lock down time. Its being happened before this time but this time people  tired of using mobile because lock down is extended. Now they have lots of time to think how to spend time.Lock down is being blessing for some people because at home lots of changing would be done. Men want to made meal for all and women gets little time to rest ,mom and dad both have time to play with child, old parents  can spent quality time with their children. This second face of lock down was going good. So all days are not same, this third face of lock down prove this. now people tired with mobile ,TV  and social media. this is also over dose of to gathering. now ideas of spending time is like poping. now lock down would be jail.

But we have to understand that; its not punishment, its precaution.Still we are not controlled situation.So stay at home, be safe and be cure all which need . Police and staff ; doctors and staff  who are doing their duties but just for us. Salute them. Respect them and love them. Because they deserve this.

So , lets go with flow… this time also passed away..Be patience not be patient. 


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